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Cocon-Oat and a Boat Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal Stout

ABV / 5.9%


IBU / —

Brewed with five different malt varieties, two kinds of oats, cascade hops, and toasted coconut this stout will keep you warm-and-toasty. It’s chewy (have your beer and eat it too), creamy, rich, chocolatey, and smooth.

Rapids Gose to Disgruntled

Gose Lager

ABV / 4.1%


IBU / —

Gose lager with barrel-aged honey, cranberries, and smoked sea-salt.

Brewed in collaboration with Disgruntled Brewing.

Chili Willy scottish ale

Scottish Ale

ABV / 5.1%

COLOR (SRM) / 16

IBU / 18

Scottish ale with notes of smoke and tobacco from morita and ancho chili peppers.

Hands on Hazy IPA


ABV / 7.3%


IBU / 19

We sourced a specific strain of yeast and six varieties of hops from the Pacific Northwest to create this hazy, sweet, juicy beer with low bitterness and notes of tropical fruit. It’s still hoppy- we used three times the amount of hops than any other beer we’ve brewed. Thanks to our crew who put their hands on the tank and infused their good vibes for hazy perfection.



ABV / 6%


IBU / 14

100% Midwest ingredients hazy IPA. Hops from Michigan and Minnesota and malt from Minnesota and North Dakota

Polar Coaster Winter Spiced Ale

Spiced Ale

ABV / 6.7%

COLOR (SRM) / 18

IBU / 41

Experience the flavors of Christmas in this malt-based ale with ruby highlights. Spiced in the style of a Glögg mulled wine, we steeped golden raisins and dried berries with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, grapefruit peel, orange peel, and ginger. The aroma of spices is sure to jingle your nose and the first sip will warm up your toes. 

jam ipa


ABV / 6.2%


IBU / 62

A clean, crisp, smooth, west-coast style IPA with a decent amount of bitterness. We used centennial hops, with their piney aroma, to create this classic IPA.

Milky way Porter


ABV / 6.3%

COLOR (SRM) / 29

IBU / 35

Porter brewed with barrel-aged maple syrup and infused with vanilla and coffee.

Noble Orchard


ABV / 4.3%


IBU / 15

A juicy collaboration with Wild State Cider. Our fan favorite Noble Pilsner meets Wild State’s base cider puree. For extra kick, we added a few pounds of hibiscus. This pink hued, apple hibiscus pilsner is oh so refreshing! 

Noble Pilsner


ABV/ 5.1%

COLOR (SRM) / 2.1

IBU / 14

This light, refreshing beer is a tribute to a Czech pilsner and to the simplicity of brewing. It’s stripped down to the bare essentials, made with one single, solitary, noble hop and fermented for 28-30 days.

Double-up River Pig Red Ale

Red Ale

ABV / 7.5%

COLOR (SRM) / 17

IBU / 57

Balanced double red ale brewed with five malts and five hops with notes of pine and toasted toffee.

she gone rye lager

Rye Lager

ABV / 5.5%

COLOR (SRM) / 6.5

IBU / 14

This ‘hole in your glass’ beer is so ridiculously smooth it will be gone after the first sip. Brewed with a unique pale rye malt from Germany, it’s blonde in color with biscuit-like flavor, a creamy mouthfeel, and malty-sweet aromas with hints of bread and honey. 

Starless Black Lager

Black Lager

ABV / 4.6%

COLOR (SRM) / 29

IBU / 23

Furthering our commitment to the quest of clean lagers and pilsners, this hyper smooth black lager has light roast notes with hints of coffee and chocolate. This Schwarzbier (black beer in German) is made with a combination of roast malt and a special dehusked black malt that provides color, body, flavor, and aroma without the roasty bitterness. 

We're focused on bringing you classic, consistent, quality, delicious beer.

We brew on a 7-barrel system from Crawford Brewing Equipment and have a pilot one barrel that allows experimental brewing opportunities, so we aren’t afraid to experiment with ingredients and styles. Our 16 taps feature brewer + chef collaborations, seasonal brews with local ingredients, and a swift rotation to keep you on your toes. In addition to our beer we offer guest beer taps, cider, wine, kombucha, and coffee.

Beer has a tendency  to bring people together.

Darin Jensen, Head Brewer

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