Beer has a tendency  to bring people together.

Darin Jensen, Head Brewer

At Rapids Brewing Co. we are focused on bringing you classic, consistent, quality, delicious beer. We will be constantly rotating our taps to keep you on your toes, and we aren’t afraid to experiment with ingredients and styles. We brew on a 7-barrel system from Crawford Brewing Equipment, and also have a pilot one barrel that allows experimental brewing opportunities. You can expect some wild collaborations between our head brewer and our executive chef that are sure to include seasonal local fruits and botanicals when they are seasonally available. In addition to our beer we will fill our 16 tap lines with guest beer taps, cider, wine, kombucha, and coffee.

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jam ipa

A clean, crisp, smooth, west-coast style IPA with a decent amount of bitterness. We used centennial hops, with their piney aroma, to create this classic IPA.

Style / IPA

ABV / 6.2%

Color (SRM) / 6

IBU / 60


noble pilsner

This light, refreshing beer is a tribute to a Czech pilsner and to the simplicity of brewing. It’s stripped down to the bare essentials, made with one single, solitary, noble hop. Long cold fermentation (28-30 days!) creates this exceptional beer.

Style / Pilsner

ABV/ 4.9%

COLOR (SRM) / 2.2

IBU / 14



Brewed with five different malt varieties, two kinds of oats, and cascade hops (we’ve gone old school folks), this stout is so good. Trust us. It’s chewy (have your beer and eat it too), creamy, rich, chocolatey, and smooth.

Style / stout

ABV/ 6.2%

color (SRM) / 29

IBU / 25


mango mama ipa

No way around it, mama. This IPA is juicy. Focused on mosaic hops and stone fruits, we’ve created a medium-bodied hoppy beer with a mango punch. This style is the future of IPAs.

Style / IPA

ABV / 7%

Color (SRM) / 4.3

IBU / 65


Brown Boot Brown Ale

This malt focused beer combines pale, caramel, chocolate, Munich, and premium pilsner malts. The nugget and cascade hops break up the sweetness. A smooth beer with nutty coffee and tobacco notes.

Style / Brown Ale

ABV / 6.2%

Color (SRM) / 23

IBU / 34


coming soon

wild child cream ale

This baby is a collaboration between our head brewer, Darin, and executive chef, Eric. It’s their first (but not last) attempt at creating a beer and food collaboration. This beer is their wild child! Eight varieties of citrus with a kick – thanks to ancho and morita chilies on the finish. All the ingredients are from Minnesota-based Maltwerks. With such unique flavors this is a must try.

Style / cream Ale

ABV / 6.3%


IBU / 21

kitchen + Brewhouse collaboration

Pale Ale

Our spin on an American classic. Dry hopped with not one, but two, German noble hop varieties for double the drinkability. Citrusy, crisp, clean, and oh-so-refreshing- this beer made for lazy summer days.


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