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Northern Ethos

We’re a craft brewery in northern Minnesota and we celebrate the spirit of the north in our beers, our locally sourced menu, and our atmosphere. From our logo to our ‘mascot’, Barley Bill, you’ll find the elements that are essential to the lifestyle in our great region. The woods and the water, fire and arts, and most of all, community.

Community Powered

This community is the heart and soul of what we do and we’ve made it our mission is to provide a unique gathering place for locals and visitors alike.  This is a place to come together over a beer, enjoy great food and live music, and gather for events big and small…or no reason at all.

premium beer, Scratch food

No compromises here. Made from scratch with local ingredients in our custom-made wood-fired oven. We offer rotating food and beer offerings throughout the seasons, from the tried-and-true brews to kitchen and brewhouse collaborations.

people you need to know

Bill Martinetto during brewery construction
Bill Martinetto

General Manager

Bill joined the RBC team as the general manager after working in the mining industry as an accounting manager. He is a life-long (okay, legal-life-long) lover of beer and has always been interested in the craft brew industry. He likes numbers and he’s good at numbers, but his heart belongs to beer. Before joining forces with the RBC crew, Bill imagined starting his own brewery years down the road. Lucky for us, we don’t need to wait any longer to share his vision for premium craft beer. Now he gets to put his stellar management skills toward making sure that you get consistent quality and creative brews every time you visit the taproom.  Bill is a Grand Rapids native and lives with his wife, Tashanna, two little girls, Keira and Kinsley, two dogs, Scout and Summit (yep… he’s named after the brewery), and seven chickens.

Darin Jensen looking into the camera.
Darin Jensen

Head Brewer

Darin grew up in Grand Rapids and moved to Alaska in 1993. He joined Alaskan Brewing Co. as a volunteer because he “thought it would be cool”. Turns out, it was. Miscellaneous work soon turned into a full-time gig and Darin moved from keg cleaning to tank cleaning, and finally, to brewing beer. Throughout his 23 years at Alaskan he went from brewing, to sales, to marketing, back to brewing, then finally to quality control. That position gave him a full education in all aspects of the process from ingredients to inspections, and everything in between. When he got the call from RBC he decided the time was right to move back home and he joined the team as head brewer. Darin is passionate about beer and the craft beer movement. He believes there is a beer for everyone and is excited to brew one for you! Darin has two grown daughters, Ariah and Taya, and his dog, Blaze, is his partner in crime.
David "Shag" SHager


Shag grew up in Seattle, WA and received his online culinary education at Auguste Escoffier out of Boulder, CO. He came to Minnesota 12 years ago and in that time he’s been cooking his way all over the northland. Most of his experience is in tavern and pub settings, and he loves doing desserts. Shag will be bringing bar-b-que all american brew pub cuisine to RBC. You can expect something you are used to, but elevated thanks to the woodfired oven and in house smoker equipment, and the skills of Shag and his team. He lives in Grand Rapids with his 2 kids and in his free time he cooks at home and sings and plays guitar in an extreme thrash metal band. 

and to those behind the scenes

Thank you to all of our supporters and investors, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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